Super Premium Stovetop

We offer products that can be customized to deliver an exciting experience that is far “Better than Brand”. We offer a variety of 100% durum semolina pasta cuts and gourmet sauces that blend perfectly together to deliver a truly flavorful and unique experience to consumers.

Elevate your Macaroni & Cheese dinner night to a premium restaurant quality experience that can be made in minutes, but taste like it took hours.

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Options to make your perfect pasta

Your Product. Your Rules.

We offer unique artisan pasta cuts in a wide range of styles, shapes and textures to mix perfectly with your custom
created sauces.
Custom created cheese blends perfectly matched to our pasta will deliver a premium Macaroni and Cheese experience for consumers.
We can blend a wide variety of cheese including Italian Romano, Smoked Gouda, Cheddars, and Havarti to create the best flavors for your pasta.

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