Classic Stovetop

Traditional stove top Macaroni & Cheese with dry seasoning that consumers have known and loved for decades. Easy and fun to make, these items provide a great value to families seeking affordable dishes for dinner or snack time.

We also produce great tasting Shells & Cheese dinners with liquid cheese sauces and recipes that are free of artificial dyes and colors and no artificial flavors.

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Options to make your perfect pasta

Your Product. Your Rules.

We offer the traditional Elbow “Stick” Macaroni and standard-size Shell Cut Macaroni, with ridges to grab and hold the deluxe sauce.
Our sauces range from mild to sharp and in sizes matched to the desired products. We offer yellow, white and combinations with bacon or other flavors.
Our seasonings range from cheesy to buttery and yellow cheddars to white cheddars. We match our formulas based on consumer preferences.

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